Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Death of a Salesmen

The local News paper can take there adds and shove them up there ass as far as I am concerned. They are so pushy and I so easily take the bait, and they have figured it out. They have been praying on me like a a big mean shark and a cute little baby seal. I was literally hiding from them today... I walked out to my car to go pick up lunch...and the pushy salesmen dude was sitting there in his little green caviler...he didn't notice me, sweet. But then I panicked got out of my car, because I thought he would see me in my car and get out and try and corner me. I also didn't want him knowing what type of car I drive.....he had to of seen me get out though, now that I think about it I must have looked like an idiot...I totally played it off like ohh mann I forgot my keys I better run back inside and fetch them... So I slipped through the back jack...and conveniently timed it so I went out the back door again as he came in the front...while all this was going down Joe was sitting at his desk asking me "what da hell is going on???" "Are you back yet u have my peperchonie pizza.. dat was fast" and I was all "SHHHHHhhhhhhh boss man quiet down" then I popped out the back door at the precise moment he entered the front...Joe almost blew my cover opening the door and yelling to me why you runn Ash-a-ree??? I then got to my car put it in reverse and started to back out of the parking lot ALL OF A SUDDEN (DA DA DAAAAAA) The Garbage Men Stopped right at the end of the parking lot blocking the driveway...I was in Ashley fashion, I got out of the car walked my self right up to that stinky truck and told them to move it. Just as I pulled out he came strolling out and waved me over...I pretended like my phone rang and didn't notice him AH HA! Ashley 1 Salesmen 0...... Maybe next time buddy, but not today.

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