Friday, January 25, 2008

R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means bitches!

I can't seem to get any respect around here from the patients. Did they forget who I am, I'm the GODDAMN OFFICE MANAGER thats who I am bitches. Mannnnn, You can clearly see that I am on the phone with a patient, billing another one right infront of me, and taking Joes lunch order is it really necessary to be standing there next to me going "ashley Ashley ASHLEYYYY!" For the love of god. You people are not small children. I am not your mommy, you don't need me to hold your hand so go sit down and wait your turn, and maybe if your good I will give you a gold star for the day....... I also love the ones that will stand there and stare you down until you acknowledge them, even though you are with someone else at that particular moment. Then you have the huffer and puffers, "Huhhhhhhhhhhh......SIghhhhhhhh.....errrrrrr" Hmmm maybe I should start mimicking them so they can see how foolish they really look. If you are so busy in your life that you cannot take 30 secs to sit down, you should reevaluate some things. I am so sorry that you have shown up 25mins before your appointment and expect to get in..I scheduled you at this time because there wasn't anything available 25 mins earlier...Im not doing this to (ear muffs grandma) fuck with you, or make your life a living hell. I am a nice girl most of the time unless you really piss me off, then i would have no reason to intentionally screw you over and schedule your acupuncture face lift treatment at the same time little billy and cindy lou get out of piano practice.....Some people walk in past me like they own the place and make a bee line right to the rooms. ???????? When the hell did that become acceptable? They are also vetoing my cancellation policy for the new year. 24 hour notice or you receive at $20.00 penalty fee. start off when that sign went up it cause a HUGE uproar..
"what if there is to much snow on the ground" " I get headaches out of nowhere" "what if the car breaks down" what if.... what if..... what if..... anything short of a death in the family you will be charged. Sorry about it,'s hard wear a helmet.

It feels nice getting that off my chest...

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