Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I use to watch supermarket sweep....

ME and My roomie venture off grocery shopping for the second time together....I generally go alone and do it. I find it ends up being much cheaper this way.

1:30pm we enter the giant...hungry (bad idea)

Cost is never an issue to Dave when it comes to his food. It seems like whenever we enter a grocery store he morphs into a small child...he sees what he wants makes a loud oooh sound and books down the isle to the first box of Chocolate cocoa turn your milk into fudge that may cause a diabetic coma cereal...Now you see here I was raised on cheerios wheetabix apple jacks and sometimes fruit loops only sometimes. So I get my box of wheetabix he gets his "cereal" and all is well on the home front, until......We find ourselves standing in front of a sea of garbage bags not knowing what to do next...first off 6.00$ for garbage bags...$6.00 for something for me to stick trash in? I just don't get it, and did you know you cannot buy black bags for garbage... that was a 15min debate in the isle because I was all "The garbage men don't care what color your trash bags are"
and he was " Yes, yes they do they wont take it cuz they cant see whats in it." He won that great debate. There were so many other kinds to choose from. You have your standard bags, you got your supreme 20 gallon bags, flex force bags you can put a piano in. With handles/ without, & scented the list went on and on. In the end I opted to just take a roll from work. There was just to much pressure on me to commit to one type of bag.
Finishing up our trip in the frozen food isle....we realize that our cart cannot hold anything else literally. I felt like Hansel and Gretel leaving trail of kool-aid packets, and granola bars behind us as we ventured threw the isles. I suggest that we hit the check out and get outta here....but he wants to get another cart. WHAT? umm no way buddy this is probably like $250.00 in groceries right here lets just bounce before our check does. He is standing there looking at me like I have just run over his puppy or something. "but, but frozen food is my favorite food" he manages to get out before weeping openly next to the display of fish sticks.Fine i said get a few things that you will have to carry . "SCORE!" and he runs down the isle like a chipmunk foraging for berries but in this case its mini pizzas, hot pockets, tater tots and tv dinners (YUCK). Im stressing that we just have spent a small fortune on groceries where he stops in the middle of the isle and looks at me so sincere and says "babe...I use to watch a lot of supermarket sweep, right here were looking at $125.00 tops. I am really an expert when it comes to food. I wonder if that show is still running I should go on it. "
" go with your bad self David rrrr"

We get to the check out and he is standing there with this dopey grin on his face looking at the register watching the total climb and peak towards $125.00......all together it ended up being $139.00 it was pretty close....not the sky high bill i was expecting. (you also have to consider we haven't gotten groceries in like 3 weeks) we start loading up the car and he goes "I'm hungry feel like some BK (burger king)...." "no you have 5lb bag of fish sticks and enough pizza rolls to last a year. "

3:45 we arrive home still hungry..... I think I will continue doing the shopping while he is at work. Im just thankful it was not free sample day...wheewww

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