Monday, January 28, 2008

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

-----Conversation with my roomie last night after he got home from work-------

Him " Whats all this crap" (referring to all the "crap" I had boughten earlier that night while he was at work...he he he)

Me "Oh just some more stuff I unpacked"

Him "YOu went shopping, this is new stuff....look this is still in plastic "

Me ".................."

Him " we dont need anymore crap"

me "this isn't crap its stuff I have had a wicked long, that thing in plastic was from christmas, it was a present"

him " ohh well its nice"

......he goes in the kitchen and starts to make something to eat and all of a sudden lets out a boysterous " AH my ass, here is the box that UGLY mirror came in and more pastic from that new whatever that funky thing is...u are a pathalogical liar"

Me" Oh yea maybe i did buy that stuff....I forgot...Love ya Babe"

Him " think u know a make me some food woman"


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