Thursday, January 17, 2008

Queen Geek of all the land

So today I found out Joe (the boss man) is Mongolian.......this explains a lot of his crazy outbursts and the intense amount of passion he uses when he speaks.

I was designing the new brochures for us today to go to the printer Monday...Yea I had a few months to do it but procrastinating is just my style. Its crunch time and I am really cranking out a nice little unit, when he walks up to me and says..( you have to envision it with the thick Chinese accent)
"You a geek yeah?!"
me- ".........." blinks a few times....."uhh what?"
Joe- " haha you know computer stuff you a geek right, you know the computer talk"
me- (I was so appauld) "No,.. Joe I am not a geek,"
Joe- " but you can do amazing things with all your computer talk that is a geek yeah, is that not right word geek"
me - " stop calling me a geek!"......."the right thing to say is that I am queen fixer upper girl of all things in this office"
Joe-"...." blinks....."hahahhaaha you a funny queen of geeks hahahaha"
me-" yeah, Joe I'm queen of the geeks of all the land..."

I will probably get all kinds of hate mail from real geeks out there now. I am not saying being a geek is bad its just not for me. I am not posing as a geek, I have never claimed to be or tried to be one. so again no mean mail please, i support the geeks. They always fixed my computers and hooked me up with cracked programs.

I bet your boss doesn't call you a Geek.............
I should tell human resources about this....wait thats me.

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