Friday, January 18, 2008

Hello Clarice....

Flipping A man.......

You know how I have told you all about my crazy fridays here at work, well this friday just got taken to whole new level...

I got a phone call about 20mins ago from a women saying she was a PSYCHOTHEREPIST....(great) yea so ok thats all well and find if you wanna help out all those crazys running around.....She tells me that she has a patient that could benifit from acupuncture....hmmm ok...she would like to set an appointment up for her patient to come down.

I refrain back to my classic deer in the headlights speechless look....."....." "could you hang on one moment I have another call I will be right back"
I now look like a crazy running down the hall looking for joe to see what he thinks....and in classic joe fashion...."HAHAHAHAHAH dat so funny...hahahaha you cracka me up"

"joe, this is serious this is not just some normal crazy person..this is ceritfiable kookoo"
"hahaha ash-a-lee you so funny...its ok i wil help him tell him to come tonight"

Does joe get that this person could be a real whackadoo? I don't think he gets sick of dealing with crazys I dont need another one on my hands. so I get back to my desk pick up the phone. "Dr. thanks for holding, I can see your patient at 3:00 today. Is there anything we need to do to prepare for his visit??" "oh thats wonderful, nope nothing at all. I will have him escorted down then thanks for all your help...."
did she say escorted? holy crap batman...hannibal will be arriving in the office in less then an to prepare, what measures have I taken you may ask yourself. I called my MOM. Her advice....."watch your fingers"
Thanks mom. Thanks a lot.

PLease do not for one second think that I make this shiz-nit up, because I don't..I wish things got that boring around here...I tell it like it is.
Hey Hey Heyyyyy

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