Friday, February 29, 2008

Quick update

I receive a few emails asking why I haven't posted in awhile...people wondering if I am dead. Well I am in fact not dead and very much alive. No need to fret people. SO I will give you a Little update of what has been going on lately.........

Paintball....Is right up there with dodge ball, cruel and just plain mean. Dave and I played over the past weekend. These were the thoughts running through my head at the time- 1. why would you want to shoot your friends. - 2. If I curl up into a ball maybe they will feel bad for me and not shoot me - 3. why the bloody hell does my mask keep fogging up and I cannot see anything li
terly nothing. -4. where the hell is Dave so I can shoot his ass up for dragging me here. - 5. IM OUT I'M OUT!!!! DON'T SHOOT!!!! you would probably figure this didn't end well for me... 50 cents go nothing on this Bi-atch I got shot over 10 times and I am alive to talk about it.

A soccer mom had a nervous break down in the middle of the waiting room at work...Full blow Brittney spears moment.....crying laughing screaming...THEN!!!! I got her into a room Joe went in to start treatments he opened the door and she was standing there in nothing but her birthday suit...butt ass naked. She then looked at him and said does this look good to ya?????? She flashed her VA jay jay.. Joe muttered a slew of Chinese and left the room....I don't think she'll becoming back.

Dave has been OBSESSING about buying some sort of plant for the apartment. He has never ever showed any interest in plants or nature for that matter so I am a little confused. I picked up a shamrock plant and he told me that in fact it was not a plant just a ploy for me to keep his polish roots down and rub my irishness in his face........?????????..... Yea.. sure bud, what ever you say I all about suppressing your polack-ness..... he cracks me up.

I have a very exciting fun filled weekend.....and sadly it does not include a bottle of The CAPTAIN or margaritas. CURTAIN SHOPPING....oh yea... I'm going crazy.... but you can bet your ass I wont be paint balling with Dave.

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