Friday, February 8, 2008

Local Yokel

As any other friday starts I am sitting at my desk surfing the latest gossip news when this old farmer-esk man came barreling in the door like a tornado. He was a tiny little man about 70 with a scruffy beard and an accent that remsembled someone right out of the show king of the hill.

"The name is WILLY, put ER there sweetheart."

For the love of god here we must be friday I think to myself.

"Now-a I done got this here paper from the lawyers down in the big city buildings"

(reffering to binghamton..big city...ha)

So I took a gander at his paper work...this hillbilly talk is contagious)....once I told him that his appointment here was canceld a week ago he rambled off into a slew off "WELL-a god dang im gonna takem them there guys and im gonna god dang punch-em in-dar slick hair style did heads....

"you go with your bad self WILLY"

and just like that he spun out of here muttering to himself under his breath how he was gonna take em city boys and go like dis er er errr.

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