Monday, October 22, 2007

Hands off ladies he's all mine

So when they say that "The honey moons over" they mean it....Fast forward 5 1/2 years & it's way out the door...

We get into bed and my first mistake last night was......
Merely saying "Honey bun I'm freezing"

He replied with.....

"Oh really i can take care of that"

And all of a sudden a rumble that could be heard ricashaing through the hills erupted in my bedroom...that sound you guessed it a monstrous fart that my man let rip..

"OH MY GODDD!!!!!!!!! why did you do that"

"Oh that I call it a little global warming...don't you feel better, didn't it warm the bed can feel the difference can't you. No need to thank me babe, anytime"

"Well the next time you feel a little global warming coming on give me a warning to prepare"

Oh yes ladies he is all mine...

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onegirlblogger said...

Typical guy!!!

I like your blog, and I think you have interesting stories to tell. However, it was a little difficult to read due to the, er, unique spelling and grammatical forms you use.
That said, I hope you will continue to post because you can only improve, with such great stories. :)