Monday, April 21, 2008


Over the weekend my roomie and I went out to find a companion for our aka willy aka Pedro aka why don't you like me you goddamn fish stop swimming away from me.

We went to Petsmart..I usually enjoy this fine pet establishment...its clean the people are nice and the animals seem pretty happy and healthy. While we were in the fish section trying to scope out the perfect little buddy for our lonely fish at home...We finally came upon a very cute baby goldfish that was all orange with fins that looked like they were dipped in black paint on the tips. We found a girl that worked there to help us snag the little bugger. But before she even asked us which one we were bombarded with a million questions....

" Do you know a gold fish is related to a carp fish"

-why yes in fact i did....did you know they were domesticated in china and they evolved from a carp like a million years ago....take that fish lady

"Do you have an aerator" (why yes, yes i do)

"Well do you know what it does"

- Well I believe it makes bubbles in the water so our fine finned friend can breathe

This is when I start to loose patients.

"Well do you know they need 20 gallons per fish to survive"

bitch give me my god damn fish..... Is what I should have said but instead I replied with I had 2 gold fish a bowl WITHOUT an aerator and they lasted forever it was when I put them in a larger tank with an AERATOR that they died.

"Well congratulations".

It then turned into a 30 second stair down with her and I....Dave remained at my side laughing hysterical at the unbelievable display before his eyes.....I then pointed at the fish I wanted and said " I want THIS fish". So she read in and grabbed it put it in a bag handed it to me and said "Good luck".....after I paid for my little fishy and was walking out Dave said " You should have asked them how they can have 25 goldfish in a 10 gallon tank WITH AN AERATOR. I was so pissed he didn't bring that up earlier. Anyways we got him into his new home and renamed the old fish Simon and the new fish Garfunkel. We have recently come to the conclusion that they may in fact need a bigger tank...but I will be dammed if I go back to the fish department at Petsmart.

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