Friday, July 13, 2007


I work at a Dr.'s office. Well although he is not a Dr. this is an office & he wears a lab coat. Right now you are probably envisioning some strange smelling sleazy looking back alley clinic where crack heads get 2 for 1 deals on happy pills...I promise you this is not like that...We do however sell Happy pills for kids. My boss is from China and works in Chinese medicine. He has a very thick accent with a chronic case of the munchies....So this is how my typical day goes here.....


Joe (this isn't his name just what he likes to be called)

"Hey are you hungry yet" (you must envision this with an accent to get the full effect)


"Nope not yet"

"Yeah me neither"

"I am Starving man, all i can think about is that good pepperchonie"

"it's not even noon and your thinking about pizza your crazy"

"Hahahahahaa ima going to order"

"go with your bad self then Joe"
...30 seconds go by and i hear screams from his office..nothing new but i had to go and investigate...i walk in and he is jumping up and down chanting Pepperchonie Pepper-CHONIEEEEEEEE..i take the phone from Joe and calmly say he would like a pepperoni pizza and hang up.


"I know Joe I Know" as I turn and walk out I hear the faint sound of Chinese cursing lingering in the distance, and cant help but wonder what the hell I have gotten myself into at this place.

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Tera said...

Im loving this blog entry keep it up looking forward to your further posts