Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cottage anticts

Edwards 40 Hands:
Also known as 80 Ounces to Freedom or The 40 Challenge. This is a drinking game in which each player duct tapes a 40 oz. bottle of alcohal (usually malt liquor) to each of his or her hands and is not allowed to remove them until they've been consumed. Typically, before the alcohol has been completely ingested, the drinking party will need to urinate, smoke a cigarette, answer a phone call, or something similar, giving each participant an incentive to finish their alcohol as quickly as possible. This often leads to humorous scenes of similarly-handicapped players attempting to unzip others' pants or light cigarettes using teeth, feet, or elbows. It can also be used as a "goal" for the game: to see who can abstain from these activities until they are finished with their drinks.

Yes ladies and Gentlemen it has made it into the Wikipedia....

This was the start to my weekend at the cottage....good times..

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Bring @shley back!!!!!!!!!