Sunday, July 15, 2007


1 bottle of Vodka $26.99

1Bottle Tequila (ole!) $12.47

1 Bottle of the Captain $14.72

2 Buckets of Margatitaville Margarita mix $12.49

Memories at the cottage and friendships that will last forever priceless!

Going up to the cottage for a few days where we will party with my good friend The Captain, and his friends Mr. Smirnoff, the Mexican (Jose Cuervo) and after all this the Dr. may make a few appearance. A guest list to impress tonight.

Yesterday My brother (The ape like one without his license) decided that he had to call into work BECAUSE....he did not have a ride...due to the fact i was asleep and he has learned not to wake me up for this particular reason, but come on are you kidding he still has a job is beyond me..lets get serious for a minute we live on the SAME street he works it's not like next door it is maybe 1/4 of a mile. God for bid Bubba has to walk somewhere. That really annoyed me for some know what i else i hope he is reading this now...ok enough of that off to the cottage at least i miss work for a good reason here...

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