Friday, November 9, 2007

In the spirt of giving

(ear muffs grandma)
I have just got myself some new backup here at work for when things get out of hand...
His name is ronnie...he carrys a chainsaw and is so badass. He will keep all of you crazys away from me..well hopefully a few.

I have been getting some odd presents around here lately
Today someone tried to give me a piano..Before that a patient was bringing me some homeade wine. Well it appread to be wine it was red and in a wine bottle, but it had some strange foriegn objects floating in it (mmmmm tastey), and an aroma that resembled something like an asian nail salon. Last week an old lady gave Therese (aka Marie Barone) some lube, and not this kind that goes in a car...well Therese turned around and re gifted it to me (how thoughful) ...well today the same old lady gave me a bottle. Now I ask you this, Where is this 90 year old lady getting all this lube from. Second, why does she feel a need to hand it out like candy on halloween. Last but not least, what must the cashier at the store be thinking seeing this 90 yr old lady coming in buying lube on a daily basis. Just something to ponder.

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