Friday, August 1, 2008

Meet the Bakers

Dave Baker is finally making an honest women outta me. We have been happily engaged for 2 weeks now. Im rocking some pretty fancy "bling" on my finger if I may say so....

I am sitting here on the couch blogging when I am suppose to be packing. Me and the fiance (that sounds so Cheese we need to come up with a better word here.) are going on vacation!...with his Dad's family. I'm not quit sure what to expect on this trip. What I can expect is to be called Amber, Lisa, Amy, & Sweetheart, because after 6 1/2 years of being around this family THEY STILL do not know my name....They even give me the cold shoulder out in public. I will say hello and they look at me like I am a complete stranger. Drr people, it's me Ashley there is a picture of me in your family calendar hanging up in your kitchen. When we get married They are all going to be there like aw she is a nice girl what ever happend to that other one amber?........AMBERS DEAD!

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